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Learn about how animals evolved, where they live today, and why so many are in danger.

A Typical Day at Summer Fun:

This is sure to be a roaring adventure for everyone! Brains and Games Week 3 — July Challenge your mind…solve and create your own brain teasers, logic puzzles, riddles, and optical illusions.

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Build a fortune as we play an exciting game of Monopoly, laugh out loud as we play Apples to Apples Junior, and make crazy comparisons while expanding our vocabulary and thinking skills at the same time! Each day includes other activities such as arts and crafts and outdoor activities. This program allows children to develop thinking skills by stretching their minds!

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Art Appreciation Week 4 — July Campers will be inspired to reach beyond and create art that is unique to them. By doing so, kids feel empowered to be creative and expressive. This is an experience that will spark creativity, engagement, exploration and individual expression.

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Let imaginations soar! Culinary Kids Week 5 — July Cooking together can be a delicious learning experience! Join us as we peel, chop, and bake our way through a fun day! During this program, we will learn how to read recipes, measure ingredients, explore new foods, and learn basic culinary skills and nutritional value. We will share interesting facts about world cuisine and encourage students to share their own cultural food experiences.

We hope everyone leaves inspired to share their cooking experience at home! A wide variety of sports will be played where each day is a different sports experience. We will also explore some fun backyard favorites such as Frisbee and kickball. Fitness, teamwork, and fun are emphasized. We will alternate between indoor and outdoor activities.

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Pure summer fun is the theme for the week, which is chock full of classics such as hopscotch, Jacks, Hokey Pokey, and so much more! Each day will include arts and crafts, storytelling, and creative play. We will end Summer Fun with a carnival on Friday. Many exciting games and carnival themed activities are included. This is sure to make for great summer memories! Learn fascinating facts about planets, asteroids, and more. We will explore the different areas of interest through storytelling, art, games, and movement activities.

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Let us count the ways…marble painting, finger painting, sponge painting, splatter painting, spin art, water colors, and rollers, just to name a few! This session combines creativity with physical activity as we head to the gym after a morning of art. Lots of fun recreational activities that develop muscles and give a good cardiovascular workout will round out the program.

Splish, Splash, Move! Week 3 — July What better way to spend the summer than to be in a miniature waterpark!

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We will enjoy bubbles, sprinkler fun, water tables, and water games. Outdoor games, music and movement activities, and arts and crafts will be included as well in this constant flow of fun and excitement! Dinosaur and Reptile Adventure! Week 4 — July Dinosaurs roamed earth well before the times of humans, ruling the globe for millions of years. Explore archeology and discover all the wonders of our prehistoric past. We will learn more about familiar creatures and discover some fascinating new ones as we explore fun facts about reptiles.

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We will dig into history, biology, botany, science, and lots of super-sized fun that includes dinosaur and reptile inspired arts and crafts, movement activities and games, rhymes, music, and stories. Creative Art and Music Week 5 — July This program is designed for any child who wants to embark on a journey to their creative side. We will create projects using a wide variety of different mediums. Listening, singing, and rhythm concepts will be our focus as we have fun exploring music and sharing songs together!

Outdoor games, storytelling, and arts and crafts will be included in this program as well.

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We will explore several hands-on activities that will excite our natural curiosity and introduce children to the thrill of scientific discovery! Each day is filled with fun activities that include sensory exploration, creative play, science experiments, and so much more! Summer Montessori. They can upgrade to receive the quarterly print edition for an additional fee when purchasing a membership.

This upgrade is available only in the U. Special Offer! For the July 1, — June 30, membership year only, Basic members in the United States will receive the Fall and Winter print editions at no additional cost.

If you would also like the print editions of the Spring and Summer editions, you may do so for an additional fee when you purchase your membership. Member schools and affiliated teacher education programs receive the quarterly print edition and have unlimited access to the digital version. This deeply discounted option consists of 10 copies of Montessori Life sent to a single address 4 times a year total, 40 magazines. Great for schools, teacher education programs, college education departments, and libraries interested in widely sharing Montessori information with groups of interested readers.

Compare prices with the cost of a single issue, lower down. For more details, and to order, visit Shop AMS. For those looking to learn more about Montessori education from the perspectives of those in the wider community, we offer a select collection of articles from past issues of Montessori Life. No login is required. Let us help you showcase your Montessori-friendly products, programs and services with cost-effective ads in Montessori Life.

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