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Id wait until second week of June for the AP because i have a random funny feeling that there will be a increased bonus then ;. Anyone know if the alaska mbna has any cashbacks? I had an issue getting my everday Amex card about 1 month ago. Amex sent out the card but I never got a notification in my shipito account. When I called Amex back, they sent it out again using an overnight courier and shipito received it. I got my US platinum Amex sent over by them last week.

No issues. I think this is only because Amex uses a courier to express ship the card since it is a premium card. So I'm guessing maybe they are not sending CC's out unless they receive it via courrier? They do have a no credit cards in their terms and conditions but many people are successful. They told me it was primarily a travel card and to limit withdrawals. POS purchases would be okay though as well as international transactions.

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But regardless, be careful, the rep suggested waiting hours between loading and withdrawing. He didn't comment on my CAD loads though. This time they wanted the same information again. Sent it in, photos with a 24mb camera and they asked if I could send higher resolution lol. Sent more photos, which they confirmed they got and it has been over a week and still blocked. Hopefully will be unblocked at some point so I can withdraw my cash. In all my communications with them if someone was actually using this card as their primary travel funds they would be completely screwed if something like this happened Cake Day.

Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Most people aren't able to go to graduate school. It's highly competitive because due to the volatile job market, everyone is going back to university to do a masters or get into a professional program. It's not as easy as saying, oh forget my BSc, I'll just go to med school after.

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Or my BA in English doesn't matter because I'll just go to law school after. Graduate schools are accepting only a few hundred people, while rejecting thousands of applications. People need a suitable backup in case this happens. Not to mention a lot of people burnout after 4 years in university or have too much debt that they are not willing to incur more. I notice a difference between this forum and others such as redflagdeals, lawstudents and premed These latter forums are very realistic, will straight up tell you whether you have a good shot for grad school or whether a certain degree is a good idea.

But this forum, all these high schoolers are naively optimistic, saying do what you love, you'll be successful. This is true for some, but untrue for many others. Applying to various grad schools, hoping I can be one of the lucky ones to squeeze my way in. This is why we need nurses to care for them, not doctors.

Many med students can't find residencies in Canada. All med students can find residencies, its just that some who studied abroad can't. Like if you go outside of North America its difficult to find residency. Also, some surgical specialties are oversaturated but most doctors are fine. I guess the good thing about university is that you can always change your major right? But it still sucks when your passion in the arts or sciences fails to land you a job. There's also the whole situation of all that time and money that gets wasted with changing majors. You need to get out of your comfort zone.

Plus, you need to continue your education, an undergrad is not going to cut it. Business, finance and accounting are over saturated as well. Almost as bad as arts or science. Everyone wants to be investment bankers or actuaries or want to work for the big 4 and now all these people are going into business and are coming out with trouble finding jobs.

Nursing and engineering are secure jobs. Such depressing stats but I agree it is a fact that business is over saturated.

Though I don't think engineering should be consider "secure" jobs now, if you look at the newest report from OSPE report on unemployment of engineers, it is quite high. Thanks for the update. Im realizing that alot of people are resorting to engineering because it used to be such an "in demand" position but i guess its beginning to become saturated as well.

Study what you want to study for the sole purpose of learning. If you like science, go into it. If you like the arts, go into it. I thought it was common that most people go to Grad school after anyways. Do what you want, don't do what others want you to do.

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Peace mudda fukkas. I am attending university, and really what it comes down to, is that technical jobs are the only real "secure" jobs in todays society.

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More and more people are attending university for business, engineering, nursing, etc. Want a secure, decent-paying job? Become a plumber, electrican, or HVAC technician. The job market for these positions are incredible. Doctors will always find jobs don't know who said that but its not true. You don't always have to be your general family physician you could specialize or just do research for cures for diseases like Aids, etc.

Doctors will find jobs if they are willing to relocate to smaller cities outside the GTA. I said that medical students were finding it difficult to secure residencies. The spots are limited. Finding a job isn't the hard part. It's getting into med school. The pricey tuition fees and number of students trying to get in is discouraging when the acceptance rate is so low. It is good to dream big however it is great to think realistically. What do you want to do or be? Good or Great?

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Be a dreamer or a thinker? It's in your hands. Which is why a lot of people go there for an easier GPA. This was a great post. Very informative. Many students get these degrees because they think that following your "passions" and only settling for that one dream job is the only way to having a happy, successful life. You have to think realistically about what you should do and understand that "following your passions" won't automatically land you a high paying job.