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Bowlero Wallington

Foursquare can help you find the best places to go to. Find great things to do. See all photos. Bowlero Wallington Now Closed. Tips 23 Photos Bowlero Wallington. Log in to leave a tip here. Sort: Popular Recent. Jeff S. Over the years.. Great memories thru the years Jay Eagleson November 16, Aaron Dubnoff September 18, They think they can Set there prices like ny. And now there is talk about putting a minature golf down stairs they lost there day time leagues already its just time instill this Pl is closed for good.

The snack bar now sucks u have to order thru a waitress or waiter and they take for ever. Also the new ownership does not care about the money here they raised there prices to high.

Bowlero Prices

Vaibhav P November 17, Joe Galimidi August 26, Fun filled night - great food and even better service! It's a Lucky Strike!! Caroline Cruz February 20, Alarik A. May 11, Carlo Antonio Villanueva March 19, Probably the best thing to do in Wallington. Who doesn't like bowling and drinking?

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Roxy Leto January 14, Ashley Velazquez February 2, Alex Russo November 24, Corey Sherman December 14, Don't get Charlie at the desk a real d bag. Kevin Reynoso April 17, Bad customer service. All he was worried about were his other houses. But I guess once he left The only way now is up. And let me tell you, this place is going to be amazing! I have seen what use to look like hole in the wall look fabulous! This will be the new house everyone is going to want to go to. The potential this place has, and what is being done, I give the new owner alot of credit. He knows what this house means to certain leagues, and that says alot!

I'm so happy this place is coming back. I honestly loved the people You feel welcomed. Yes I know that's not what the exterior says But trust me And I truly hope anyone reading this will agree with me, I'm so happy Lodi Lanes is back in business better then ever!!!! To keep you up to date Lodi Lanes is coming around just fine. I don't hear to much from the big mouth who for weeks kept saying Lodi won't open.

She knows who it is. Every dog has his day he's having his. I must be very mistaken, but if Harvey Ely was not the Owner of Lodi Lanes, why did he say he was allowed to remove all the equipment that he said he owned???? I did not think you could legally remove property if you did not own it. Hate to correct you, but what he leased was the building, he was legally the Owner of the business Pinstreet Lodi Lanes and supposedly the building contents.

So sorry to call him the owner- The idiot who leased the center- is that better? Did we hurt your feelings?

Too Bad! When he was in Sparta Lanes he spent many thousands of dollars doing the bar over and installing new carpet but couldn't fix the hand dryers of which half were not working. Machines were always breaking down and since he wouldn't spend the money to keep parts on hand,they were often down for days. He also bowled in the Major league there on Friday nights and when we bowled pots after the league, I noticed that the lanes he bowled on always had more oil than the others. He also couldn't be bothered with making locker keys for people who didn't have any rather than indiscriminently handing out the master key to whom ever asked for it.

This naturally resulted in people having things stolen from their lockers and of course he would say he was not responsible and therefor not make good on the stolen items. This guy never really cared about or took care of his bowlers. He was only concerned about one thing and that was the almighty dollar. If you are going to bowl here,I wish you good luck as long as he is the owner. If the new owner's name is not Harvey Ely, then I apologize and retract everything written here.

If that is his name then everything stands as written. You are not welcome! The guy is a loser. Always has been always will be. Can't run a business, not like his dad.

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I guess he must live in MagicLand- How in the world is he gonna come up with that money? Oh I know how- by not paying his distributors or his bills. By the way -Anonymous the one who talks bad about Lodi - You have to be the dumbest BEOTCH around - You have no idea what is going on in the bowling center so keep your mouth shut - I know its hard for you because your mouth is open for "something" - but stay out of everyone's business!

Have a nice day:. Please stop calling Harvey Ely the former owner. He never owned anything he leased the equiptment. Lodi will open soon and will be better than it ever was and the people working there will be much nicer because they don't have to deal with all the negative aspects created by the former owner. I wonder whose talking again. Why don't you get a life.

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Maybe it's because you weren't wanted in LODI. So talk all you want. All you people know how to talk the talk real good. Just because the place is being done over, dose not mean the people that will still be working there wil be any better then before. One of the factors there is the parking lot, paving it over is NOT going to give you more spaces to park.

And so much for talking behind someones back, your all doing it to the past owner. The new owners aren't just talking about making it better, they are making it better. Finally the words ive been waiting to hear.. Any league secretaries or presidents need information call the bowling alley and someone will be more than happy to help you!!!

Could be wrong I hope so or you lost more business. Why are you so interested in Vivian.

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She was one of the ones that kept the lanes going and she still is. What about you you turncoat. All of a sudden you keep knocking Lodi Lanes. Believe me you are not wecomed back because you're a back stabber. Stay in T-bowl 2 and run your Friday nite lge.