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What kind of equipment did you use to get that shot? I always love places where you can experience local lifestyle as well as some sights. Hi Genie, we used special dome for the outdoor camera. Then you can record both above water and underwater at the same time! Wow, tons of super great activities for a place that there such little information about!

Hi waterfall girl, you will love Sapedere canyon then! There are no people and you can walk along the stream freely, with various waterfalls on the way. What an awesome list of things to do. That view looks beautiful from the water.

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I became such a huge fan of paddleboarding since my trip to Alanya. It is the best summer activity — plus you can jump into the water anytime you want! Sounds like a great spot to really relax! I am telling you — all the hard job is done by an instructor, so you are just free to enjoy. That paraglide in Alanya was even up to 25 minutes, so pretty long!

Hello Veronika. Hi Hail! Yes you are right, I did not do much hiking. But I am definitely coming back to do more. Which hikes do you recommend? Hi Halil! Thanks for recommending, I have actually planned to do some hiking when in Alanya. But you know, sometimes you can not catch everything. Next time! I tried self-timer and ended up taking a photo of… my feet.

Hi Carla, my boyfriend was with me, so no self timer needed this time. Oh wow this looks amazing! I love those photos of you snorkeling in front of Alanya castle! I really need to go back! Oh wow. Hi Chris — indeed Analya is something special. And thanks for reading my article with attention to details — I have corrected that mistake.

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As a non native speaker, I honestly did not seem much difference between these too. On second Gazipasa beach namde Koru beach there are a natural stone baths. Hi Mirza! Thanks for your tips!

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I really wanted to focus on Alanya itself, but those sights outside also sound interesting. At least I have some things to do on my next trip! Looks like you had a vacation to die for! Thanks for pointing us in the direction of Alanya! I would love to visit the castle and Red Tower, but paragliding and Sapadere look great, too! I was researching on the southern coast of turkey and had read about Alanya.

Your pictures are stunning. Absolutely awestruck seeing the first one! You covered so many adventure activities! Did you go rock climbing at the canyon? The markets are so vibrant! The first picture is simply stunning…I might just go there because of that one pic only! The opening photograph is beautiful. Alanya in Turkey looks like a great place for a holiday. The culture and cuisine would entice me.

Amazing sparkling, clear waters. Love the plates of food, too- gorgeous! The paragliding is really easy — all the work is done by instructor, and even the lading is very smooth. My BF did in for the first time and loved the views! Awesome trip you had there! I absolutely love Turkey!

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Thanks for sharing this guide! Hi Ryazan, Pirate ship seems like one of the favorite activity along my readers. Perhaps you are all into Jack Sparrow? No idea!

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Hi Ryzan, I am glad you like Turkey. Alanya is definitely a place to visit. And yet, presence of Jack Sparrow is guarantee of some great fun. I love little underrated gems. Great post, thanks for sharing!!! Love the first pick half above water half under water cool. Hi Christopher, I also look forward to make it to Cappadocia one day! Thanks for supporting my blog.

It looks like somewhere I really need to visit during my next time in Turkey. Ni Nathan, thanks that picture got popular also on my social media. It was stunning experience as well. Add Alanya on your list for sure! Alanya is indeed a revelation. There is so much to see and experience. I can see it is a great getaway with a promise of great times. Hi Sandy. I also love Istanbul but it is pretty big. In Alanya, you can see all in one week or 10 days and still there is a lot of time left for sunbathing on the beach. Hello Martina! The transportation within Alanya is pretty easy — there is just one main road along the coast, and there are bus stops every meters.

Not sure how much was the bus ticket — just like 2 euros or about it.

You can get the ticket from the driver. Kleopatra beach is sandy one, so I did not use sun beds at all. But I saw many bars have their own seating in front — so as long as you get coke or an ice cream from them, sun beds are included. I think your advices and observations are really nice and when I read this page, I felt really happy to saw my hometown like this nice comments. Awesome experiences! Now I definitely want to go to Alanya too!

I am feeling so great to see Alanya through your camera lens and your beautiful writing. I am feeling this sudden urge to visit this beautiful part of Turkey. This post makes me want to hop on a plane! One day! The first photo at the castle is EPIC btw!! Also, the hammam experiences sounds incredible. Bucket list! Wow, there are a ton of outdoor adventures to do in Alanya!

Turkey is such a great place to visit as it has it all.