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It seems to work well for me and my friends so I decided to release it to everyone through my poptropica cheats blog!

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After clicking there you just need to enter the code in the box provided and hit enter to get your new item. If any of these Poptropica promo codes are expired leave us a comment so someone from our staff can update this page with the new information. Thanks again for visiting our website and let us know of anything else we could do to make it even better for you. Page last updated in January I only tried that two codes…. Then i was watching the comments and what a coincedence!! Really thank u! OMG hi Maia you are like my biggest roll model and i loved teen beach movie for me it wasent just a movie it was a lesson.

I really need some codes for poptropica I need new items because I have everything you can buy in the store. A lot of the codes are expired or not working. Please update the list!!!!! Also, could you make something for free membership? Thanks for the promo codes however only skullbook and wimpy worked. But still, thanks for the effort!

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Help please my mac isnt doing downloads pls put membership on my account username if you do I will give you my password and we can share! I know right it will never work for me. Free username and password here!!! I kinda wanna know where the site to the promo code generator is at…. Yo sup poptropica? You should check out the song gangnam style for those of you girls and boys if you like PSY.

Oh add me on poptropica im Thinknoodles.

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Hey guys if you want a dr hare ballon just type in DRHARE in the promo code box but hurry its only special for the doctor hare cusso. Oh and also on both accounts I did I added my player to both of there friend list so if you go in one of the accounts and go to the friend list I will be there.

All of the codes worked for me thanks and i added you as a friend your girl is really pretty and my username is rmilar please add me i love you! When you download Promo Code Generator all codes will work with special features. It needs to be in CAPS. If it reaches just tell me. I also have beaten every island to this point 34 medals so have some of them apples. Friend me!

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Your all wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! The ones that worked for me were the Wimpy multi card, skull book and the first two dr hares. USER: claire Does anyone have any newer promo codes?

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The only ones the worked for me were the skullbook, wimpy, and the first two dr. How many comments are there!?!? It took forever to get down here Hope you like this blog! How long does it take for you to update the promo cards? Would love some more that work. And personally I love Dr. Hare… I love bunnies. Totally got my poptropican decked out. All of them have expired and some of them dont work! Are you sure about that? I no a cheat to get a members item if you go to early poptropica and go to the tall towers and go to the green building there will be a orange flower pot sitting in the middle of the window part if you click on one of the corners then go on to your items to see what you got.

I update whenever new codes come out. If you think you can do better — go ahead! Thanks, Phoebe. The Dr hare promo codes worked for me but not the rest. The pirate 1 worked 4 me and so did the dr. I think I added all you guys users. Can you put in a link for the download please. Also if you can please run a malwarebytes anti-virus scan on it before you put in a link.

All of them worked for me!

I tried all these codes like a year ago and only half of them worked. It is July and I have tried all of the promo codes. Some are invalid and some are expired. I am totally obsessed with poptropica. I am gonna be 11 in 20 days from NOW. I have currently finished 6 islands. Hey guys! Whoever claims it first gets it, of course. So here it goes: Username: watermelondriia Password: watermelons.

It has costumes 3.

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Has credits due to costume buying 4. Completed 12 islands 5. Hopefully you like it! Look on you tube ;] From ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Hey Guys! And also Part 2 of Poptropicon is almost free for everyone! Last we have received so much comments about the loss of accounts we cant do anything about it but say sorry. Hope you guys retrieve your accounts back! Poptropica Promo Codes — Complete List for Same Reply. Samess Ikr!!!!!

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I play this site and am turning 12 soon. Oh,hey thanks for the DrHare suits! Im 14 and still playing lol Reply. She said right on top that these were expired or not expired. I tried it and it didnt work. Everything is free with memebership Reply. Everything is free with membership you know! Even the suits! Everything is free you know! Most of the time I get expired suits Reply. Me too i was looking forward to getting lots of credits Reply. I wish Reply.