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Or are there other inserts, a little bit bigger that I could purchase? Please advise! Also, what is the best and easiest way to collect coupons? Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! I live in Willingboro, NJ not far from Philadelphia , but my co-worker bought the binders and sleeves several months ago at a Staples store in Hamilton, NJ. They also had several types of divider pages and tabs. Behind all those sleeves, I have another section with the sleeves for specific store and restaurant coupons in alphabetical order.

Another option would be to use separate binders — one for coupons in order by date; another for specific store coupons or product categories, restaurants, etc. Hope this helps. If you have any question, my e-mail address is goldngem44 yahoo. It seems the more I try the worse I do. I am the mother of a 4yr old and taking care of my grandma. My fiance is the sole provider in our family and times have been really though for us the last year and could use the help of couponing.

If anyone is in the Maryland area and could give me tips or even show me how to shop I would apperciate the help so very much. I am looking forward to learning the trade of extremecouponing. Please email me any assistance in missouri such as a class or someone doing it mervii sbcglobal. Im trying to save for my upcoming wedding and living back at home with retired parents.

So Im ok with helping anyone out there play this coupon game with me. I think its great and easy, once you learn the rules. If you need help feel free to ask me at Livml yahoo. Good luck! I have always tried to use coupons but I would love to get into this extreme couponing.

It was sooo much fun! I am a little perplexed at where the great coupons are found. I have spent hours searching these sites for the great deals to get items free but have only ran into two products I could do it with. I live in Omaha Nebraska, is anyone out there close by that can help me get going on this?

It would be greatly appreciated! I have couponed for years. However, our local stores will not honor the coupon, or double it, if it is over the cost of the item—i. So living in a smaller town makes it difficult to get the great bargains that you see on television.

Also I have had some difficulty in stores taking internet printed coupons.

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Many stores here will not take them. I am a 28 year old mother and wife. I am wanting to get started couponing. If you have any advice, websites or services that can help me here in Saint Louis, MO I would greatly appreciate it. I am the mother of two with a not paying too great job. I can use the break, and the knowledge to better support my family. Please teach me somebody how to save! Unfortunately, that is without the juices, and the produce I get. Please help me better provide for my family, and save more money.

What do I need to do step by step please? Hi just wanted to thank the website and everybody who offered advice. I am just begining, but after reading this sight top to bottom, I feel like I have taken a class in couponing It is well worth taking the time to read and take notes on everything on here. Thanks again. Hi Fellow couponers! I use indexed dividers, categorized as much as possible. Then you file the dividers alphabetically! My biggest tip is: Do not be Brand loyal. Be flexible with whatever brands of goods that you can. And ive been watching extreme couponing for awhile now.

Any extreme couponers want to sell their inventory? We deal in surplus inventory and are looking for extreme couponers that may have excess inventory they would like to sell. I want to start couponing. I just dont know how to start.

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I went online and got all the coupon policies from all the stores i shop at. I also have tons of coupons but im not sure how to start. If there is a site that can help me out i would be glad to know. I feel i can do this as long as i know how to start. Thanks new couponer!!!!

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Hi, Im sort of new to this and going full steam ahead as I lost my job from a Hip surgery. Half our income is gone. Time to make Lemonaide from Lemons. What should I do as we are quite a Monopoly up in Maine and many grocery stores are spread out and have the ability to really hike prices. No competition.

Even Walmart is far enough away. Why is it when I register with one couponing website then go in to print off say example Kellogs cereal coupons I then have to go to another website and register. Can anyone help me. Hello, I am just starting out with the coupons. I have went to most of the sites listed here online.

Are there any coupons for just grocery items? I am in Mississippi. Is there anyone in this area couponing? Any help would be welcomed.

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I have been watching the show and have never in my life seen something more amazing i want to become an exteme couponer. Can anyone give me advice on how to accumulate the most coupons possible and how double coupons work. Hi im new to couponing, I have a question if you could help me please.

How do you get a store discount card and how do you load coupons on the card? Thanks for the help in advance. Tabitha, I am brand new to this. But I can tell you how to get the store discount card. Hope this helps you.

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I have been watching the show extreme couponing and I wanted to know what does it mean when they say the number 5 on the bottom of the coupon under the bar code means to double? Any advise would help me out. Please and Thank you! Any help would greatly be appreciated!! I would love to train under someone in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

If anyone see this comment and you live in Cincinnati, please email me. I want to be able not just benefit me but my family, neighboors, church etc…. I am a single mom of 4 kids and a grandbaby on the way.. I need the help. I want to start doin the extreme couponing…I have no clue how to get myself started…So if there is anybody that would help me please let me know. This is awesome, i am excited to learn the tricks and trades of couponing.