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I have been doing bussiness with CI for about a year. Their shipping time is good 3 days. The quality not too bad for discount smokes. My problem is with their customer service. Seems that when they offer free shipping they should honor it. They state in their online banner when it ends but no start date. So my order afew days before the day they claim it started excempts me. So even with fine print they are not holding up their end of the bargain.

So the lesson learned here is what you see on the check out cost is what you WILL pay for. What you see on their web site is not what will happen when you order.

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Their deals are really good. I love the Alec Bradley Tempus line. Been ordering for a about a year now.

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Cigars come as ordered however the shipping is killing me. I live on the opposite side of the country from PA. The shipping takes 7 business days and 2 weekend days? Amazon has my stuff here within 5 days max. Get it together or lose the business. Sent me an opened box should have been sealed and when I asked customer service about it I was told she would check on that and call me back.

I buy from them and thier auction site all the time.

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They ship immediatly the cigars are well kept and they guarantee your satisfaction. What else do you want? Just be careful of the Customer Service. I was called by a Supervisor and thought my problem was resolved. I got an E mail from Jessica a supervisor in Customer Service who took it back to square one. Very disappointed in their attitude. Great prices, large selection, and for moving such a large volume of smokes, they always arrive looking great! Finally got a call from Trish Dunsmore C.

She is a supervisor and handled my problem.

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Satisfied with outcome of the customer service problem. Sent back mediocre, overpriced cigars at extra postage expense, and sealed in freezer storage bag, to ensure they could restock the product ASAP. Two weeks later, no refund. Compared to other mail order companies, these people are the worst. Cigarsinternational has a lot of good constantly changing limited time deals. Most products I have ever received have been great at a good price. My problems with their site are the censorship of their fan mail feedback and the way their deals and staff reviews push a few good brands while shunning other just as good if not better sticks.

I can only assume it all comes down to how much money each makes them. The return treatment at cigar international is at the bottom. After sending back a batch of cigars I was unhappy with, I was told I must call back 10 — 15 days. Now 30 days later and no word from them, but I must keep calling them.

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Why cant they alert me to the issues and tell me when refunded. Their bundled and free shipping deals can save you considerable money. Their 5-packs are better-packed than they used to be they were never bad. I love these guys. I placed an order that with a business day delivery window. Ten business days later I called customer service and they said the item was out of stock and they had no idea when it would be in stock.

Talk about a let down.

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I have purchased from them a number of times fast shipping, yes. Cigars okay, yes. I purchased a domed humidor for bucks, very pretty. But the sticky was all gone and the hydrometer had the glue all over the place. Called customer service and they told me they only distribute this product and she suggested velcro to me. That was the wrong answer. I put a review of the product and told of this story, and stated when they send me a new hydrometer I would order again.

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  • I saw a great deal with CI online one day and decided to give them a try I normally use Cigars. I placed my order, sampler of 10, and was so excited when my package arrived until I opened it. The rest were pretty dry so I placed them in the humi.

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    Needless to say I am very unhappy with my purchase and will be spending a little extra with other companies or taking the hour trip to the closest cigar store. Also not impressed with their customer service. Reading some of these shocks me, as I have never had a problem with CI! Both times I found them very knowledgeable and helpful. CI gets a big thumbs up from me!

    I have ordered from CI for several years. Most og the time things are fine. I live in what was the one day ship zone. This has changed, apparently they ship with ups picking up the order at ci then delivering it to the post office then the post office delivers it to my home. Go figure? But the customer service can be bad. They admit fault on an order after checking their call recordings, but when a gift pack is offered by the rep. What a Power-trip…beware if you have to work with this company on any issue relating to money.

    Glad their are many other sites to choose from. I have order many times from them over many years, prices cannot be beat. I have searched the web far n wide in my search, great company, great deals, great service. You kinda feel like a number. Like shopping at walmart.

    I pay extra for normal ship. Cuts shipping time in half.