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Your Email required. Parenting requires a lot of time, patience, and energy; which is why it's so important to have help and support!

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Sometimes we get lucky with family and friends to call in favors with. But due to the fact that majority of parents out there do not live near their extended families, we often find ourselves searching for help. Whether you work outside the home, or are home full-time, child care for kids is an important decision that you will need to figure out.

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But where do you start? These calls are offered every week at a variety of times to accommodate parents around the world. And each call is recorded and stored in an audio file library, which you will have access to for life as a Gold Member.

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You can even search by topic. The private Facebook page is only for Gold Members and is a wonderful way to communicate with and bounce ideas off of other parents using the program. Plus, that is the cost for lifetime access to the program… which is always adding new topics, sessions and materials. So if you take into account the cost over a lifetime and the day money back guarantee… it seems fairly reasonable. So if you are still having any doubts as to whether or not Positive Parenting Solutions is right for you… you can schedule to watch a free online webinar to get a taste for things.

Asking our kids to do something once… then twice… three times… four… until we can actually feel our blood pressure ever so slightly rising, our hearts beating a bit faster… until we blow! This is important. There was a clear and concise outline of what the webinar was going to cover… and clear goals were set. Remember: Positive Parenting Solutions is based on a tool box strategy with more than 37 tactics to help you parent better and yell less.

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Your child is enjoying some free technology time, yet they are having issues with turning it off when asked. You find yourself telling them multiple times to shut it down. Instead of getting angry, making threats, punishing or yelling… Amy suggests you try having a conversation with your child. Explain that they will face a consequence for not doing what they are asked to do the first time. By being respectful of that and explaining the potential consequences of their actions, the child will feel that the choice is theirs.

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Punishment, according to Amy, carries so much negativity… whereas related and reasonable consequences makes them accountable for their actions. During the conversation, which should be done during a calm time, explain the consequence to them. Now that the consequence is revealed , ask them to repeat i t back to you.

But the minute they choose again, theychoose to not abide by the rules… they must suffer the consequence. Be assertive, not bossy. Amy explains how kids have two proverbial baskets that need filling… the power basket and the attention basket.

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By owning your role without engaging in conflict, your kids will feel like the power is a bit more balanced. Giving your child too much negative attention yelling, punishment can result in neglect, masked in anger. But if you give your child enough positive attention every day, they are less likely to engage in negative behavior just to get you to acknowledge them. After all, negative attention is better than none to a child.

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A simple way to give your child the feeling they are in power on some level is to give them choices. That is not saying let them dictate their own bedtime, but you can give them some semblance of ownership with harmless decision making scenarios, such as:. Do not give your child the satisfaction of overreacting. They will eventually get the hint that you are willing to listen, once they adjust their attitude a bit.

And while it may need some tweaks to fit your particular situation, it does offer enough insight to get you well on your way to calmer days. The 7 Course Modules, or sections, utilize different tools in the tool box… depending on the situation.

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But while Amy will suggest particular tools for a given situation… it is ultimately up to you to pick the one that works best. A toddler, for instance, is not capable of communicating or processing information the same was as an 8-year-old. The minute I saw the video, I started to recall all of the situations with my kids during which this would have been helpful. Sit down to dinner as you said you would.

My kids love their Kindle Fires , video games and television time. Today, my kids were anxiously reading the board and notifying items for me to check off as they were completed. There was a little mumbling and groaning at first, but nothing too bad. And having my older two children on board has helped the younger two be okay with it.