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Taking out boiler cover as soon as your boiler breaks down is risky — in fact, many providers have a no-claims period in place to stop this from happening. Your boiler cover provider may not pay out claims that come about as a result of poor or no maintenance on your part — for example, a build-up of limescale.

You should check whether your home insurance includes boiler cover as standard, or even as an extra add-on, as it may work out cheaper than taking out cover separately. When you have your boiler serviced or inspected, this should always be done by a gas-safe engineer. Gas-safe engineers are qualified to work on, inspect, and service gas boilers, and they are the only people legally allowed to do so.

To ensure your engineer is gas-safe be sure to ask for ID.

Home Services - Boiler and Heating cover - SSE

You can also check the company they work for has a gas-safe logo. The best way to find a good deal on boiler cover is by shopping around, as this way you can see all the options available to you — this means you can compare deals by factors that are important, like cost, level of cover, callout charges, and excess fees. It can help cover the costs of engineer call-outs and labour costs as well as any parts they may need to make the required repairs. If you own your own home, you should have some sort of cover for your heating system - Although you should first check that your boiler is not included in your home insurance, as some policies do offer this.

If you rent your home, you do not need any central heating cover - this is for your landlord to organise. However, you should discuss the terms of their landlord boiler protection policy with them when moving in, just in case you have to use it during your tenancy.

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There are two main types of cover available; boiler breakdown cover and full central heating cover. Boiler cover, as you might expect, only protects the boiler and its controls, whilst central heating breakdown cover also protects everything connected to it, including radiators and plumbing. A number of deals for either of these two types of cover may include a boiler service for no additional cost or a small fee, so compare to find the best deal for you. Older boilers and heating systems can be harder to find cover for — this is because they can often fall short of the requirements many cover providers will have, such as general performance standards as well as emissions and energy efficiency standards.

The premiums for covering old boilers are generally higher, but you may not be able to get cover at all with some providers. If you move house your provider will likely not be able to cover you on your current contract, however you can always contact them if you want to negotiate a new deal. Many boiler cover providers will have a no-claims period when you take out the policy at the beginning — this is mostly to prevent people taking out cover after their boiler breaks down and claiming for it immediately. While it can vary between providers, it can be anywhere from a few days to a month.

Emergency callouts generally reach you within 24 hours, though this could differ between providers. Find out everything you need to know about getting your boiler serviced. All you need to know to keep your boiler working in tip-top condition.

Best Boiler Cover

Questions regarding your boiler cover? We've got them answered.

Boiler & Heating Cover

Here's everything you need to consider when taking out boiler insurance. Protect you and your family from Carbon Monoxide. Know your ashpan to your renewal notice? We've simplified the jargon. Stay safe and make sure your engineer is Gas Safe Registered. Boiler Cover provides emergency repairs to your main boiler if you're without heating or hot water.

There's no excess per claim, meaning you won't have to pay any extra if you have to make a claim. There are no age restrictions on your boiler, and all types, excluding solar-powered heating systems, are covered as long as they are maintained. In the case of sudden failure of your main domestic heating system, emergency assistance will be provided by a qualified engineer to carry out repairs to get your system running again.

Including blockage, breakage, flooding of or damage to your domestic drains or plumbing system. You'll receive emergency assistance to return your home to a safe and usable condition. If the only toilet accessible to all residents in your home is damaged, either materially or mechanically and to an extent which leaves it unusable, emergency assistance will be provided.

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  • If your roof all types covered suffers any damage which has or is likely to cause internal damage to your home then an approved contractor will be on hand to provide emergency repairs. If damage to your external windows, locks or doors compromises the security of your home, a tradesman will attend your home to provide emergency repairs and make your home safe and secure.

    Best Boiler Cover

    Emergency assistance is available in the event of sudden failure of your domestic power supply. This covers both electricity and gas within the home but not the mains supply to the home. You'll be covered in the event of loss of the only available set of keys to your home. This is if you cannot gain normal access to your home or if a replacement set is unavailable. Sudden infestation of your home by pests - including wasps, rats and hornets - is covered by this policy.

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    • Note that this excludes any protected species, such as bees or bats. Cover for your main central heating system is included as standard in Home Emergency Cover. A boiler service is not included, but emergency assistance in the case of sudden failure of your main heating system is available day and night and all year round. We also cover all types of boiler, excluding solar-powered heating systems.

      Different Types of Boilers and Central Heating Systems - British Gas

      See our quick guide to boiler types. Emergency callouts for boiler breakdowns can be expensive, but this insurance will save you both time and money. Boilers of all ages are eligible. Buy Now. This home emergency assistance policy is designed to make your home safe and secure, and repairs carried out will aim to prevent further inconvenience to you and damage to your home. When it comes to boiler breakdowns, our serrvice will relieve unreasonable discomfort if you experience sudden failure of your main central heating system.