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I was wondering if there are fewer channels in lite or is it just no streaming? Guest - 3 weeks ago 1 year 50 dollars tak and all. Guest - 3 weeks ago 1 year 60 dollars per letter. Guest - 3 weeks ago Thanks for the tip about getting them to waive the Music Royalty Fee. I had cancelled my service but they sucked me back in again with this offer. Guest - 4 weeks ago Wow.

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Phone call for 5 mins and saved quite a bit. Wish I knew about this sooner. Thank you everyone! Guest - 1 month ago Thanks for all of these great tips! Feel like a got a great deal! Guest - 1 month ago They need all the subscribers they can get to service their billions of debt. Guest - 1 month ago Love it. Got 12 months all access for including taxes and i got a free Alexa Echo What a deal.

Did not realize that I downgraded from Select to Select Lite no streaming until after the fact. Apparently more negotiation could have kept Select, but not worth calling back. Guest - 1 month ago I just called Call Told the CSR that She looked at the account.

A $60+ VALUE

While that she was looking she asked what channel I like to listen. I said OK and got a month and a half credit since my old service extended to Oct. I had to agree to pay Thanks you guys for all the info on this site.

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Told her still too high and not in my budget. Done by one rep with no transferring to mgr. Was super easy. Was told I didn't qualify for anything despite being a customer for 5 years. Asked to cancel , then we started to negotiate. On the phone for maybe 8 minutes.

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  6. Guest - 1 month ago Just called This is select package The one car is Sirus. All access package. Took 35 minutes. Paying about or a bit less than last year. Was happy with where things landed. Looks as if Howard stern access limits some of the negotiations, at least my thought. Chris was my rep. Guest - 1 month ago I appreciate the ideas included in this thread. Guest - 1 month ago why do they insist on using people that you can not understand. Guest - 1 month ago My promo deal is up next week and just called to try and get another deal.

    I hung up and am going to try again tomorrow. If they still won't give me a deal I'll just cancel and wait for them to offer me something to resubscribe. Guest - 1 month ago Called back today in order to try this one last time. Thanks Spoofee! You do have to give them a CC to get this deal as it's a recurring monthly charge, so make sure you jot down the date to call and re-negotiate before it expires! Guest - 2 months ago I called today.

    I have 2 radio on All Access. They said they don't have any other deals unless I change to a lower package. I proceeded with cancellation and they said ok. Today's Top Deals. Gift Card Deals. Academy Sports.

    Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2017-114

    Stein Mart. Bare Minerals. Magazine Discounts. More Deals for you. List Free Calendars Free. See Today's Deals. When that ended I called to renew and was able to talk them down to a lower price. Every year I would call and ask for a lower price.

    SiriusXM Marine

    When my year was up my service would cancel in my car and then I knew to call. This last renewal I called and they gave me the lowest price they could offer and I agreed. I paid the entire year upfront like I always do, however this time they saved my credit card on file and apparently signed me up for a promotion deal and have been charging my credit card every month without my knowledge. They never reached out until my card had expired and they needed an updated one to continue to charge.

    Then when I said, "I would not pay you anything else and cancel my service immediately," they transferred me to another person. They would not connect me to corporate office.


    Then they had the nerve to try to get me to sign up for another contract and put another card on file. This company has become a joke. Before this last year, they were fantastic. Lots of commercials. Hit every channel get nothing but commercials all at once every channel I guess to force you to hear it all. Resent that. When you want to cancel they continue the scam as long as possible.

    Have canceled online and on the phone twice but they pretend I never called.

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    Keep sending emails telling me to contact them. Not happening. Tape record your cancellation calls and cancel the card they collect off if you do not want to be scammed anymore. I decided to cancel my subscription for a number of reasons, but was convinced to do so when I realized that the only way to get out was to call a number. This is a very shady practice designed to minimize the likelihood of people canceling, under the veil of attempting to keep customers or better understand their cancellation reasons. Both of these pseudo goals could be accomplished in an online interface.

    As expected, I had to face a barrage of questions regarding my cancellation to which I provided no details, and insisted in having then simply cancel it.

    Sirius XM Rant

    This went on for quite some time, and I am amazed at how a simple cancellation request was not able to be performed as requested. I will not be doing business with this company again. Worst customer service that I have ever experienced and I used to have Time Warner! Good luck canceling! You will wait and wait and I guess they want you to give up!