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I was able to do the Gillette buy 30 get 10 deal twice. Got 4 razors and 4 shave gells for around 10 bucks. A print out from the RCM may or may not work. The cashier was like, wow, lucky you! Has that ever happened to anyone else? I also have a 3 off peelie which should make it a moneymaker. Great price for this product! I believe the tags said face products foundation, blush, concealer etc. Wonder if it works for bar and liquid hand soap? And Mel, did they let you use the Walmart logo manufacturers coupon?

I know you asked someone else but I just wanted to say that my cvx let me use both of the dial coupons even with the walmart logos. I was super surprised but happy! Yes Joyce, I was able to use the coupon. The manager said sure when I asked. I actually had a problem at Walgreens not accepting it though. Sarah, there are 2 different Dial deals. I did my deal on Sunday since my Ibotta offer was scheduled to expire at midnight.

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Shellac Manicure Savings: ONLY $23!

Hiplist Print 78 Comments. Did You See These? Easy Peasy. Reply 1. Tef July 19, at am MST. Vishnu July 19, at am MST.


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  5. Golden Nails Salon & Spa.

Liz July 19, at am MST. I see only Sally Hansen beauty tools — not nail color. Tat July 19, at am MST. Tera July 19, at pm MST. Crystal July 19, at pm MST. Bee July 19, at pm MST.

Kris Delmhorst: Cars, CD review

Question about Gas Cards. Can they be used in the Shell store?? Hailey July 19, at pm MST. Yuki July 19, at pm MST. Can we use the dial MQ?

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It has a Walmart logo when printed out. Nicole July 19, at pm MST. Cesar July 19, at pm MST. Lydia July 19, at pm MST. Kathy July 20, at pm MST.


Hannah July 19, at pm MST. Loyda July 19, at pm MST. Kris July 19, at pm MST. Kris July 20, at am MST. Liz July 20, at am MST. J July 20, at am MST. Ashlynn July 20, at am MST. Wilburn pulled out her phone to record the interaction 'to protect myself against his nasty attitude in case anything happened', she said in a Facebook post. The video, which has been shared nearly 3, times in the last week, shows Dudek behind the cash register saying: 'Just trying to take advantage of the system, is what you're doing, and I don't have to do it if I don't want to.

She can fix it from here, okay?

I'm really done with you. I'm tired of the attitude and tired of the nonsense. Wilburn agrees to call the boss but continues pushing Dudek, saying: 'I will deal with her but you said you don't like people like me, meaning a couponer? Dudek reportedly told Wilburn the coupons were for the wrong items, and became increasingly hostile as she tried to explain, telling her to 'shut up' right before the video starts.

It takes nearly two minutes for Dudek to notice that he is being filmed, at which point he says: 'You don't have my permission to record me' and tells another employee to call the police. Nearly two minutes into the video, Dudek realizes he is being filmed and says: 'No, you don't have my permission to record me. You can't record me. He then gets on the phone with someone named Felicia, saying: 'I have a customer who is being difficult and taping us without permission.

Black female, green shirt, blue shirt. Wilburn met responding officers outside the store, who declined to file and charges and gave her permission to leave. Under New York law it is legal to record someone inside retail spaces. Wilburn said the officers seemed irritated to have been called to the 'non-issue', and urged her to call the company's corporate offices.

She posted the video to social media that afternoon and it quickly went viral.