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It's not the first time marketers have tried to create hype through some sort of controversy, hoping it would spark conversation online which they've succeeded at since we're writing about it and you're reading about it. The actor posted a video of himself captioned "Mujhe AndayWalaBurger kon khilayega?

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Mujhe AndayWalaBurger kon khilayega? And also vowed to be a quality control taste tester for the anday wala burger introduced at McDonald's locations in Islamabad.

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Because, she is an expert on the topic as she is on Pakistani politics While there are some people that are excited about the possibility of this happening, there seems to significant portion of the online population that wants the street food to be spared the commercialisation so as to not tarnish the authenticity of bun kebab.

Localization of McDonald's meny is a strategy followed around the world. Since beef is a rather controversial case for India as many Hindus consider cows to be holy animals, McDonald's does't have beef options in their menu.

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If you go further east towards Japan, you'll find that there's a shrimp burger, so the move to incorporate anday wala burger in their menu in Pakistan shouldn't come as a surprise. Let's wait and see if the burger actually launches, or if this ends up just being a marketing stunt from McDonald's.

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For those who are looking for menu and complete list of items served at the restaurants, you can download the menu on the website. You can pick your item, provide your address and request for delivery. Later for 5 people we got three paper napkins and we got cold cardamom tea. Which all was replaced but we lost the taste of immediate service. I called tonight to place an order.

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Customer service Representative Named Kamran talked to me and after a few minutes talk about my order, he insisted me to cut the call. When I asked to take my order, he Refused and again told me to cut the call and suddenly dropped the call without any reason.